Monday, May 31, 2004

Trip to cali

This week I'll be headed to LA and San Francisco for work. I hope to see a friend in LA and possible catch a Mike Keneally / Bryan Beller guitar clinic this week.

The best part about this trip is Jacki will come out to the bay area on friday. I'll finally have an excuse to check out the Golden Gate bridge.

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Sunday, May 30, 2004 - Kiss bassist: Comments not anti-Muslim - May 29, 2004

Looks like Gene Simmons caused a bit of an outrage in the the Muslim community. The irony is through Gene's many years in the limelight he has rarely spoken of his religious, cultural, and political beliefs. Probably because he feared out of context back lash as seen from his recent statements. - Kiss bassist: Comments not anti-Muslim - May 29, 2004

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Killswitch Engage comes in at 21 with sales of 38,000. This will be a contender for Metal Album of the year. A fantastic release and likely won't be matched in 2004!

BILLBOARD - Coltrane drummer dies at 76 - May 19, 2004

Another great one passes on. Elvin Jones was an amazing drummer who played on many of Coltrane's key albums including A Love Supreme, and My Favorite Things. He performed on a tribute album to Coltrane in 1995 on a release called After The Rain. John McLaughlin and Joey De Francesco accompany him. Be sure to check this release out for a modern recording of not only great jazz but also a great drummer.

One of the most tasteful jazz drummers that ever lived. - Coltrane�drummer dies at 76 - May 19, 2004

Monday, May 17, 2004


Another open mic and another good reaction for the band. We played

Be Careful
The Weather Song
I've Been Told

The venue was a nice little hippie place full of bands ready to Jam. In fact we were the only non Jam band up there. We had a good reaction and I'm hopeful they'll give us a slot at the venue sometime but we were told if we aren't a Jam band don't expect to book a gig at the Brandyhouse.

I have no complaints about the place I just want people to hear our material. One of these days we'll find a place that works well for our music. A couple people characterized us as "alt country". Its funny how when I lived in Austin that seemed to be the biggest thing going but there doesn't seem to be a venue than wants that music in Atlanta.

Enough rambling. If you get a chance check out the Brandyhouse. I may go solo sometime open mic and sit in on the drums.


Friday, May 14, 2004

Drummer Nightmare

About a week and a half ago we played the Rusty Rooster. I've included a video clip of a little incident on stage. You'll see me on drums, playing the track, and then the stick falls. Let me warn you this really wasn't my fault. Since this was an open mic audition, I had to use the house drums and cymbals with little set up. At first look their kit looked to be angled similar enough to mine where I didn't think it was an issue. As you'll see the cymbal in the middle is sitting a little lower than I'm used to.

The worst part about this is i had bought new sticks that day. Note to self: Be sure to unpackage drumsticks when they are bundled together. As I pick up a new stick, I really pick up two and end up playing the remainder of the song with two sticks in one hand and one stick in the other. You can see the blue piece bundling the sticks together on the new stick I pick up.

View Quicktime Movie


Apple - Pro/Video - Pearl Jam: Making Videos on Their Own Terms

A good article on how Pearl Jam's crew uses Apple's technology to make the bands DVDs. Did I mention this site runs on an iMac?

Apple - Pro/Video - Pearl Jam: Making Videos on Their Own Terms

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Here comes the X-Prize

Scaled Composites has taken a test flight of their Rocket to 210K feet. Pretty amazing that a private company has reached the edge of space. They will be one to watch through the end of the year. If they reach 100KM twice within 2 weeks by Jan 1, 2005 they will receive $10 Million.

It will be interesting to find out how much this project has cost them. I suspect it adds up to a good deal more than the X-Prize.

SpaceShip One Test Flight - May 13, 2004



Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I got my presale tickets for Atlanta yesterday.... Did you?


Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Dave Blog

will the comment field show?
The Dave Blog

Test of blog posting via email

A quick test to see if an email will post to my blog.


Just got an email from the blogger team and they gone through some major updates. I knew going with a google powered solution would be the right move.

Now readers can add comments to my posts as you see fit. Other new features include the ability to post via email, which is something I've wanted since I carry a BlackBerry.

The dashboard has been improved as well.


Sunday, May 09, 2004


We played Friday night at the Last Great Watering Hole again. Small crowd, but a good performance. Not sure how to get more people out but I'm hoping as we get gigs in Atlanta proper our luck will change.

Our set was
1. Rejected
2. Someday
3. Lonely One
4. Say Goodbye
5. The Weather Song
6. Too Far
7. Can't Say No
8. Quiet
9. Adieu
10. Fakin Paradise
11. Anymore
12. Be Careful
13. Wake Up
14. 15 Days
15. I've Been Told
16. Kiss Me Goodbye

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Austin City Limits

Do any readers know someone at the Austin City Limits that could put us in touch with the right people regarding Austin City Limits Music Fest in September. I believe my band's music would go over extremely well at an event like this.

Email me at

Here is an article that mentions the festival.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


And my invites have been taken. For those that got on, enjoy the service!


Live at the Rusty Rooster

Tonight we played at the Rusty Rooster in Rex, Georgia (where the chicks are)

Our set was
Lonely One
Say Goodbye
The Weather Song
Kiss Me Goodbye

It was a "battle of the bands" even though the band with the biggest crowd was absolutely terrible. I have no idea how we will fare, one other band Exit Left was quite good but was more metal / modern rock and not folk / country rock like we are.

The show was a good experience and the venue staff was very friendly and helpful. 96 Rock even introduced us as we went on stage. Nothing big, but it is a first for us. Hopefully something good will come of the night and we may get some more gigs as a result. Hey and the night can't be called a loss because they gave me tickets to Stephen Pearcy of Ratt fame.

And did I mention I rode a mechanical bull!

The Superlatives


First person to contact me at will be invited to join the Gmail service. We can see who really reads my Blog :-)



Saturday, May 01, 2004


This past week I saw Yes in Atlanta. They now have the unique distinction of being the first band I've seen twice in Atlanta. I was on the third row just right of center in front of Chris Squire, the bass player. The set had quite a few deep cuts and was a nice escape for 3 hours.

Highlights were And You And I, Wonderous Stories, and Every Little Thing. The last tune is actually a Beatles cover. Roger Dean did the stage set, and it reminded me of the ABWH tour of 89. As always the band sounded amazing and I'll probably end up seeing them again in the future.

You can check out the URL for the setlist from the show.


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