Sunday, September 21, 2008

Announcing Seven Seraphim at the Keyclub

Seven Seraphim announces their first ever show for Wednesday February 18, 2009.

I joined this band earlier this year, and although I didn't play on the CD that was released I have been asked to be part of the performing band. If all goes well we will record a live CD that will feature me on drums.

Andrew Szucs is an amazing guitar player and is the mastermind behind Seven Seraphim. So if you enjoy guitar virtuosos and like your music progressive then come check out Seven Seraphim at The Keyclub.

I have always set little goals in my sparse music career. Earlier this year I accomplished a big one with the release of my first CD with The Superlatives. This show knocks out several more of my music career goals. This will be the first gig I've booked on the legendary Sunset Strip. A place I made my Dad drive me through when we were out in LA on vacation in 1988. This is the first time I've opened for a national touring act. In fact I have a couple of Powerman 5000's cds. For those that don't know the singer in Powerman 5000 is Rob Zombie's brother.

And this is the first time a band I'm performing with has tickets sold through Ticketmaster. Look at the ticket! I can't believe my band is on the official Ticketmaster ticket. And to make things even better The Keyclub is my favorite venue in LA.

As we approach this show we will be playing some warm up shows and Andrew will be re-releasing the Seven Seraphim CD Believe In Angels through your favorite digital stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc...) soon.

If you can make it out to the show then hit me up for discount tickets. Ticketmaster sells for $27 with service fees. I'll be selling them for $15. So come check out Seven Seraphim and get your discount tickets to Powerman 5000.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Been too busy to post

All though I haven't posted much lately things are good. One of the bands I'm in just landed a big show on the sunset strip. Details will come shortly. Work is good, although extremely busy. It is better to be busy than wondering what's next but I've been working some long hours.

I just returned from Korea, and have been traveling back and forth between the NYC area and San Francisco areas quite a bit.

Once things slow just a bit I'll post more.

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