Thursday, October 30, 2008

Celeb sighting at Molly Malone's

Tonight Jacki invited me to her regular after work hangout Molly Malones. She had a tip that a special guest would be performing there tonight. I was getting in from San Francisco and drove straight from LAX over to Molly's.

Jacki and I were sitting at the bar eating and we saw Dennis Quaid walk in. A few people walked up and talked to him. He was just a couple of bar stools down from us. After our celebrity spotting we headed into the live music room.

The band that was playing was called Ghost Hounds. They were a good blues rock band and the lead guitarist had a very Rolling Stones type style. About half way through the set they even covered Gimme Shelter which was dead on.

They finally announced their special guest and it was Dennis Quaid. He gets up on stage and leads the band on guitar and vocals through a couple of songs. Not who we were guessing would be the special guest but it made for an entertaining night.

I voted

I just completed my absentee ballot and will drop it in the mail tomorrow.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Now on iTunes!

The Superlatives are now on iTunes! Buy it now.

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The Austin Avenue Recordings
The Superlatives


Release Date: Aug 15, 2008
Genre: Rock
℗ 2008 The Superlatives

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