Monday, April 12, 2010

A little Vegas and staying busy in LA

I just got back into town from a mini-vacation in Las Vegas. The primary occasion was just a little get away along with a concert with a friend. I stayed at Palms Place, the same place I stayed at when I saw KISS in November. The concert I saw was Muse and Silversun Pickups at Mandalay Bay on Saturday.

Drove up Friday, gambled Saturday and Sunday and had one of the best steak dinners ever at SW Steak House in the Wynn hotel Sunday night. Check out the picture of the Funnel Cake dessert. Amazing!

After dinner I went to a couple of clubs, first the Ghostbar which is on the roof of one of the Palm's Towers. Their gimmick is they have a see through floor where you can look straight down 50+ floors. It was super windy so I didn't stay too long. After the Ghostbar I headed over to the Playboy club near the top of the other Palm's Tower. Great drinks, great bar and lots of Playboy logos along with waitresses in the classic bunny outfits.

I just got back to LA Monday evening. And this week is another full week. First I have band rehearsal with Spidersuit tomorrow night in preparation for our show at the Joint in Los Angeles on Thursday night. Wednesday night I'm seeing Them Crooked Vultures.

And then on Friday Terry is flying into town and we are headed to Coachella for a 3 day music festival.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My first letter to my Senator

I'm in the process of cleaning out things and came across the first letter I wrote to my US Senator, Barbara Boxer, here in California. And I'm sure my Mom will be proud of me once she knows what it was for :-)

Was it for Health Care? No...
Was it for Educational Funding? No...
Was it to get Ah-Nold out of the role of Governator? No...
Was it for Gay rights? No...
Was it for the Legalization of Pot? No...

So what was it for?

It was for funding of the Arecibo Observatory to support the efforts of S.E.T.I. Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Here is a link to the PDF of the response I received back in October 2008.

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