Wednesday, March 31, 2004

EMI chops artists, jobs by 20 percent | CNET

EMI chops artists, jobs by 20 percent | CNET


And the Jones finally falls.

BILLBOARD: "soundtrack "

Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says | CNET

Amen!!! This debate will continue for some time, but stats are now showing that music sharing doesn't not negatively impact cd sales. Music has so poorly marketed these days that music sales and artists don't have a chance if they aren't one of the chosen premium assets for a label.

Music sharing doesn't kill CD sales, study says | CNET

Monday, March 29, 2004

EarthLink adds voice to wireless service | CNET

Last week was a great week professionally for me. I'm a Director at EarthLink responsible for the launch of our Voice Project. I'm accountable for the project, and managing the majority of the project from a tactical / implementation perspective. Our marketing team did a fantastic job, we had coverage in USA Today, CNN, C|Net, and probably 20 other papers / industry magazines regarding our announcement.

At times when work often seems too much like The Apprentice, it is nice to see that the things you work on day in and day out are relevant and can have an impact. Now I just have to get this thing launched so I don't make our PR people liars.

EarthLink adds voice to wireless service | CNET

Friday, March 26, 2004


How long can Norah go. Six weeks and running now.

Albums debuting this week are 'The Very Best of Jackson Browne' (Elektra/Asylum) at No. 46, 'Ultimate Darryl Hall + John Oates' (BMG Heritage) at No. 63, Elton John's 'Greatest Hits 1970-2002' (Island) at No"

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

World Class Billiards

The Superlatives played a set in Hiram, GA tonight at World Class Billiards. It was a joke of a place, good crowd, but horrid and disrespectful bar owner.

We played
Lonely One
Say Goodbye
insert the bud girls, uh what is 6 times 8. answer: how the hell should I know
The Weather Song

Yes the club had a bunch of 20 something rednecks from rural Georgia looking for a good time. The club hooked the crowd by having a "select a bud girl" and when it was all said and done said they would announce fianlists tomorrow night.

Even though the crowd was a bit hick, they seemed to appreciate our music and I describe them with respect and endearment. I know it sounds sarcastic but its not.

The reason we played is we were auditioning for an opening spot for Mother's Finest. Evidently a band formed in the 70s with some mild success in the region. Would expose us to several hundred people so we'll take what we can get.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - Fossil hunting on Mars - Mar 17, 2004

Jacki asked me the other day why would we send man to Mars. I said to find fossils! - Fossil hunting on Mars - Mar 17, 2004: "21st century astronauts putting foot and exploration flag down on Mars, there is much that can be done remotely. Future on-the-surface rovers are already being designed, profoundly more capable than the golf cart-sized Spirit and Opportunity."

Norah 5 weeks running

She does it again. Tesla and Brides slid into the top 100 as well. BILLBOARD

Saturday, March 13, 2004

P R I M U S :: L I V E

This past Monday night I was able to catch Primus in Atlanta. Really good show. It had been some time since I had seen a full on pit in the crowd and now in my slightly older days I nestled in nicely in the balcony with my binoculars.

Les is an absolute freak on stage in a good way. Tim Alexander was so smooth on the drums. Nice and large double bass kit but he played effortlessly throughout.

Primus is recording and releasing every show online so I was able to purchase my download of the Atlanta show earlier tonight. Southbound Pachyderm was killer.

P R I M U S :: L I V E

Friday, March 12, 2004


and again... BILLBOARD

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Norah does it again. BILLBOARD

Sunday, March 07, 2004

LGWH The Encore

We played our second official gig last night and our 4th show overrall. We were fairly happy with our performance. The biggest thing impacting last night's show was that we went on at midnight and played until nearly 2am. The first song in we were already tired due to the simple fact we were getting such a late start.

I had a few friends come out from work which was nice to see. I even saw one of them buy one of our new shirts. Feedback was encouraging from all but once I view and listen to the performance I'll get a better sense of how well we did.

Highlights of the set for me last night were The Weather Song and Too Far from the first set and Rejected from the second set.

We actually got paid last night which was a first. Between the payment from the club and the shirts sold we brought in a few hundred in revenue. A first!

Our next gig is a show in Austell on March 20th. It will be nice to get to play a new venue for a change. We hope once we mix our demo we will begin to get quite a few shows booked in and around Atlanta oveer the next several months.

Farewell LGWH...

Monday, March 01, 2004

Entwistle could be on next Who album

Entwistle could be on next Who album

Autographed Discs

If you haven't noticed Sony has been doing some great promotions for discs sold through their direct website. Over the past year I've been able to purchase cds that oftentimes are autographed or come with extras when pre-ordered through their website. My most recent autographed purchase was G3. Pretty cool to get Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen signatures on a single cd booklet.

Bookmark their site, you never know when your favorite artist might have an autographed offering.

Sonymusicstore: Your Source For Music and More

The Passion of The Christ

I went to see The Passion of the Christ with Jacki and some her friends from church this weekend. Everyone in the group was deeply moved by the movie. I was the oddball out and felt like I didn't need to see it when it was all said and done. However I do understand that the movie is very important to many. I will admit I'm not the most outgoing religious person, I have my beliefs and they are very personal to me and I often don't feel the need or feel comfortable for that matter to discuss or share my beliefs with others.

After quite a bit of discussion with this group of friends and further reflection and conversation between Jacki and I, I think I understand why the movie didn't do anything for me. Sadly I believe it is because I was densensitized. When I was young I asked quite a few questions about the crucifixion. I understood that Jesus went through significant torture in order to bare the burden of sin of man. The movie attempted to depict this torture and burden. However in the day and age of unfathomable war crimes, the holocast, terrorism, and unimagineable horrors of mentally sick people I think the movie just didn't bring the point home for me. However by no means do I want to witness anything as horrific as I can imagine or even attempt to imagine.

In today's world of 9/11, the murder of Daniel Pearl, the horrors of Saddam I can't imagine the torture that I know many have recently experienced. The Passion showed a very physical torture over a very short duration. Combination of rapes, mental torture, physical abuse and ultimately death occur every day. The Passion just doesn't make me understand the burden of Jesus anymore than I understood before I went into the movie.

The Passion of The Christ - A Mel Gibson Film - Official Movie Website - Icon Productions

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