Sunday, March 07, 2004

LGWH The Encore

We played our second official gig last night and our 4th show overrall. We were fairly happy with our performance. The biggest thing impacting last night's show was that we went on at midnight and played until nearly 2am. The first song in we were already tired due to the simple fact we were getting such a late start.

I had a few friends come out from work which was nice to see. I even saw one of them buy one of our new shirts. Feedback was encouraging from all but once I view and listen to the performance I'll get a better sense of how well we did.

Highlights of the set for me last night were The Weather Song and Too Far from the first set and Rejected from the second set.

We actually got paid last night which was a first. Between the payment from the club and the shirts sold we brought in a few hundred in revenue. A first!

Our next gig is a show in Austell on March 20th. It will be nice to get to play a new venue for a change. We hope once we mix our demo we will begin to get quite a few shows booked in and around Atlanta oveer the next several months.

Farewell LGWH...

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