Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seven Seraphim

This past Wednesday I was able to perform once again at the Key Club with Seven Seraphim. This time around we opened up for a band called Stratovarius. The show was a great success. I showed up about an hour before we were scheduled to go on stage and there was a line going around the block. On Ticketmaster the show was sold out.

So now I can say I've played a sold out show on the Sunset Strip. Those are some bragging rights I never thought I'd be able to have. We played better than our first show, made some new fans and I was able to be a rockstar for the night.

Here are some videos from the show I found on YouTube.

We've been bootlegged!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Intranet write up of my trip to London

IT Guy Scores Virgin Star of the Year Award and a Trip to London!

Congrats to David Howard for winning a Virgin Star of the Year Award 2009 on September 11th. This annual award is given to those that best embody the true Virgin spirit.

"I had the honor of representing Virgin Mobile USA at the annual Virgin Stars Awards Dinner in London last month," says David. "Just to name a few others there, we had Planes, Trains, Cosmetics, Mobile, Online Gaming, Soft Drinks, and even Space Ships. I met people from South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and of course the US. And to top off the event Sir Richard Branson even gave away a few trips to Necker Island. A great time was had by all."

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