Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seven Seraphim

This past Wednesday I was able to perform once again at the Key Club with Seven Seraphim. This time around we opened up for a band called Stratovarius. The show was a great success. I showed up about an hour before we were scheduled to go on stage and there was a line going around the block. On Ticketmaster the show was sold out.

So now I can say I've played a sold out show on the Sunset Strip. Those are some bragging rights I never thought I'd be able to have. We played better than our first show, made some new fans and I was able to be a rockstar for the night.

Here are some videos from the show I found on YouTube.

We've been bootlegged!

1 comment:

CEO said...

I recognize the guy playing the Drum - awesome; and pretty good he is :-)

hey, the band sounds great. v nice.


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