Saturday, July 30, 2005

4 weeks to go

Its a done deal. We are moving to Los Angeles in 4 weeks. Still not sure where we will live so I'm flying Jacki and Darian out in a couple of weeks so we can find a place to live.

Overrall I'm pretty excited. The life getting interrupted part isn't any fun, but I think the move to LA will be good for us. Another new place, and we are already getting back in touch with old friends and making new ones.

This weekend we are going through the closets trying to decide what gets trashed and what will go with us on the move. Something that will be very different in comparison from our previous move is that we will be downsizing instead if upsizing like we did coming to Atlanta. From Austin we went from a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house to a 4 bedroom 3.5 bath house with a full basement. Now we are looking at going from a 4/3.5 to a 2/2 if we're lucky, and of course nearly zero storage.

This will defintely be a life change.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Who - Indecency Scandal

The Live 8 broadcast of The Who's "Who Are You " is the impetus for the Parents Television Council asking the FCC to levy a fine to the ABC stations that broadcast the performance during the Live 8 highlight show.

Once again this seems extreme, and doesn't better society in any way. The song is 25+ years old and has been played uncensored on the radio since its original debut. Also the reference is so subtle that on first listen you likely wouldn't catch it, meaning the parents group was familiar with the song prior to the airing.

I did notice when watching the ABC broadcast that they didn't censor The Who's performance, although they did censor Pink Floyd's "Money". And interestingly enough MTV and VH1 did censor The Who on first airing.

I really hate seeing this type of stuff.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dave Matthews Band

Jacki and I saw Dave Matthews Band last night in Atlanta. Not the best set list I've seen from them but they did play Say Goodbye which is right up there with one of my all time favorite DMB tunes. I got trapped trying get drinks so I missed Stolen... through ... Smooth Rider.

I hadn't seen DMB since 2002 so it was a nice treat to see Carter on drums again. He played this amazing psuedo-solo at the end of You Might Die Trying. It wasn't perfect and he even got Stefan off beat at one point, but it looked like they were having a ton of fun.

Much to Jacki's disliking Trey from Phish came out and played on a couple of tunes. His solo on Jimi Thing was amazing. Great guitar tone and a very tasteful solo. However Lousiana Bayou was too drawn out and was very strange to finish the main set with.

And then the world's longest encore break. It had to have been at least 10 minutes.

All in all a good night.

One Sweet World
Dream Girl
Don’t Drink the Water
Hunger For The Great Light
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye
Time Of The Season
Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd
American Baby
Smooth Rider
Stand Up
Jimi Thing *
Louisiana Bayou *


You Might Die Trying
What You Are

Show Notes:
* Trey Anastasio

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