Monday, March 01, 2004

The Passion of The Christ

I went to see The Passion of the Christ with Jacki and some her friends from church this weekend. Everyone in the group was deeply moved by the movie. I was the oddball out and felt like I didn't need to see it when it was all said and done. However I do understand that the movie is very important to many. I will admit I'm not the most outgoing religious person, I have my beliefs and they are very personal to me and I often don't feel the need or feel comfortable for that matter to discuss or share my beliefs with others.

After quite a bit of discussion with this group of friends and further reflection and conversation between Jacki and I, I think I understand why the movie didn't do anything for me. Sadly I believe it is because I was densensitized. When I was young I asked quite a few questions about the crucifixion. I understood that Jesus went through significant torture in order to bare the burden of sin of man. The movie attempted to depict this torture and burden. However in the day and age of unfathomable war crimes, the holocast, terrorism, and unimagineable horrors of mentally sick people I think the movie just didn't bring the point home for me. However by no means do I want to witness anything as horrific as I can imagine or even attempt to imagine.

In today's world of 9/11, the murder of Daniel Pearl, the horrors of Saddam I can't imagine the torture that I know many have recently experienced. The Passion showed a very physical torture over a very short duration. Combination of rapes, mental torture, physical abuse and ultimately death occur every day. The Passion just doesn't make me understand the burden of Jesus anymore than I understood before I went into the movie.

The Passion of The Christ - A Mel Gibson Film - Official Movie Website - Icon Productions

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