Tuesday, March 23, 2004

World Class Billiards

The Superlatives played a set in Hiram, GA tonight at World Class Billiards. It was a joke of a place, good crowd, but horrid and disrespectful bar owner.

We played
Lonely One
Say Goodbye
insert the bud girls, uh what is 6 times 8. answer: how the hell should I know
The Weather Song

Yes the club had a bunch of 20 something rednecks from rural Georgia looking for a good time. The club hooked the crowd by having a "select a bud girl" and when it was all said and done said they would announce fianlists tomorrow night.

Even though the crowd was a bit hick, they seemed to appreciate our music and I describe them with respect and endearment. I know it sounds sarcastic but its not.

The reason we played is we were auditioning for an opening spot for Mother's Finest. Evidently a band formed in the 70s with some mild success in the region. Would expose us to several hundred people so we'll take what we can get.

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