Friday, May 14, 2004

Drummer Nightmare

About a week and a half ago we played the Rusty Rooster. I've included a video clip of a little incident on stage. You'll see me on drums, playing the track, and then the stick falls. Let me warn you this really wasn't my fault. Since this was an open mic audition, I had to use the house drums and cymbals with little set up. At first look their kit looked to be angled similar enough to mine where I didn't think it was an issue. As you'll see the cymbal in the middle is sitting a little lower than I'm used to.

The worst part about this is i had bought new sticks that day. Note to self: Be sure to unpackage drumsticks when they are bundled together. As I pick up a new stick, I really pick up two and end up playing the remainder of the song with two sticks in one hand and one stick in the other. You can see the blue piece bundling the sticks together on the new stick I pick up.

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