Monday, May 17, 2004


Another open mic and another good reaction for the band. We played

Be Careful
The Weather Song
I've Been Told

The venue was a nice little hippie place full of bands ready to Jam. In fact we were the only non Jam band up there. We had a good reaction and I'm hopeful they'll give us a slot at the venue sometime but we were told if we aren't a Jam band don't expect to book a gig at the Brandyhouse.

I have no complaints about the place I just want people to hear our material. One of these days we'll find a place that works well for our music. A couple people characterized us as "alt country". Its funny how when I lived in Austin that seemed to be the biggest thing going but there doesn't seem to be a venue than wants that music in Atlanta.

Enough rambling. If you get a chance check out the Brandyhouse. I may go solo sometime open mic and sit in on the drums.


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