Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Live at the Rusty Rooster

Tonight we played at the Rusty Rooster in Rex, Georgia (where the chicks are)

Our set was
Lonely One
Say Goodbye
The Weather Song
Kiss Me Goodbye

It was a "battle of the bands" even though the band with the biggest crowd was absolutely terrible. I have no idea how we will fare, one other band Exit Left was quite good but was more metal / modern rock and not folk / country rock like we are.

The show was a good experience and the venue staff was very friendly and helpful. 96 Rock even introduced us as we went on stage. Nothing big, but it is a first for us. Hopefully something good will come of the night and we may get some more gigs as a result. Hey and the night can't be called a loss because they gave me tickets to Stephen Pearcy of Ratt fame.

And did I mention I rode a mechanical bull!

The Superlatives

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