Saturday, November 24, 2007

Playing music again

This past week I played drums with a singer/songwriter named Eric Levai. Jacki and I went to see him on Tuesday night at the Fox and Hounds in Studio City. Jacki said this would be someone she would come out to see. That is always a good thing.

On Wednesday night Eric and I got together at West LA Studios and worked on 4 songs over a course of 3 hours. Same, Revolution Baby, Doing Fine, and One. Check out his myspace page for samples. Very productive session. We will probably get together again in the next few days. Hopefully he will add a bass player and possibly another guitarist into the mix.

As I'm beginning to feel out the music scene in LA I have scheduled an audition with another band for December 1st. They are more indie power pop. Think an indie version of Cheap Trick with a female singer. There is one other band I might attempt to play with, but they want me to learn the Metallica song "The Four Horsemen". Playing the parts aren't a problem, however remembering all the changes for a 7+ minute song is. I've worked through half the song so far. But do I really want to be in a metal band?

At this point the goal is to try out a few situations and see which one I like best.

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