Thursday, November 15, 2007


Before the show I grabbed a quick dinner at the Rainbow. I had a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich just like I did last week before the Vayden show. After I wrapped up dinner at the bar I walked out to the front and the guys from Hellyeah were sitting at a booth. I did a double take and Vinnie Paul acknowledged me and said hey.

I asked if he would mind if I took a picture and he said go ahead. Just at that point world renowned photographer Neil Zlozower walks up to the table and says hi to Vinnie and the band's dinner arrives at the table. At that point Vinnie posed for a quick picture and I said I'd see them over at the show.

I finally got into the show right as Bloodsimple was wrapping up their set. I had seen them previously open for Mudvayne so I knew I could miss their set. Otep was interesting. Great band with a female singer. The crowd was really into this band and Otep probably had the biggest crowd of the night. They played a solid set, although I couldn't tell if I liked the singer or not.

After a short set change Hellyeah took the stage. It was great to see Vinnie Paul back on drums. At one point he had everyone yell Hellyeah loud enough so Dimebag to hear. A very cool moment.

Their set clocked in right at one hour. They played their entire album plus a cover Stone Cold Crazy. I noticed that their music sounded better live than on the cd. Their cd was not able to capture that live sound in the studio. The guitars and drums sounded much better live. However as much as I like Chad, his vocals are oftentimes unintelligible when he is in his shouting/growling mode. He also has the same problem with Mudvayne live. Regardless it was a good set, short and sweet.

After a dry spell with guitar picks I was able to get a pick from both Greg Tribbett and Tom Maxwell.

November 14, 2007
W. Hollywood, California

Matter Of Time
Rotten To The Core
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen / Metallica)
In The Mood / Star
One Thing
Waging War
Thank You
Alcohaulin' Ass
You Wanted Know

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