Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lenny Kravitz Starts A Love Revolution

Last week I received an email from Virgin Records inviting me and a guest to a taping of a Lenny Kravitz show in Los Angeles. I sent a follow up and was confirmed for me plus a guest. Upon confirmation I found out the event was for a taping of Yahoo! Music's Nissan Live Sets.

The directions had us park in a garage in Century City and stated that buses would take us to the taping. Jacki and I arrived separately to the garage and met up around 5:15. We made it to the site of taping around 5:30. The event was filmed on one of the sound stages at Fox Studios.

After what seemed an enormously long wait they finally let us into the sound stage. After some camera tests, and warming up of the audience Lenny finally hit the stage.

This was my fourth time to see Lenny and he always has a great band with him. On this outing he had his core band (guitar, bass, drums) and had keyboards and a trumpet and sax player. The band performed flawlessly except for the false start on Mr. Cab Driver when the drummer thought they were playing Let Love Rule instead.

However due to the logistics of taping the show the energy of the performance was all over the place. Let Love Rule was not a great opener to getting a crowd going, and then Lenny followed up with a new track that very few people knew. Once he launched into Always On The Run the crowd started to get more into the show as did Lenny and band.

The other odd aspect was the breaks for audience Q&A. Just when the band and crowd were beginning to feed off of one another the entire flow of the show was disrupted for fan questions. I'd recommend moving all of the fan Q&A to the end of the show, or just having one block of questions so as not to disrupt the performance. Even with the disjointed flow I must commend Lenny for providing some great answers and stories for some of the audience questions. As odd as the situation Lenny really tried to connect with the person asking the question and offered sincere responses.

Once again this is an event experience you could get by living in Los Angeles. Look for us on Y! Music Nissan Live in the near future.

Lenny Kravitz
November 13, 2007
Y! Music Nissan Live
Fox Studios
Los Angeles, California

Let Love Rule (Lenny ended song early due to a guitar problem)
Bring It On
Always On The Run
Where Are We Runnin'?
Q & A Part 1 - from audience with Lenny
Love Revolution
Mr. Cab Driver (w/ false start)
Let Love Rule
Q & A Part 2 - from audience with Lenny
Dig In
Are You Gonna Go My Way?

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