Friday, March 10, 2006

Dream Theater Show #1

With the continued spirit of multiple Dream Theater show experiences Terry flew to Los Angeles last night for a weekend of DT. We actually had not planned to go to the Thursday night show in Anaheim, but with some hopeful thinking and a little luck we were able to catch the show last night.

Terry landed at LAX at 7:10, got out to curbside pickup about 7:20, of course it took me an hour to drive the 6 miles to the airport. We made a judgement call and decided what the hell, the venue is only 40 miles away and the show starts at 8. Why not?

45 minutes of 80 mph and we get to the venue shortly after 8. Score the sweet seats, the last two seats on the very last row :-), (I think we made it a sell out) and get to our seats about 20 seconds before the band hit the stage. Perfect timing.

Set 1
The Root of All Evil
Never Enough
Another Won (Majesty)
Under a Glass Moon
Innocence Faded (1st time played in 10 years)
Just Let Me Breathe

Set 2
The Glass Prison
This Dying Soul
The Answer Lies Within
Sacrificed Sons

In the Name of God

Nice, clean venue. Horrible sound. Surprisingly interesting set list, but a very long show that lost both Terry and I about 2 hours in. Show clocked in right at 3 hours with a 15 minute intermission.

Tonight we will see them at the Pantages in LA on the 7th row center so it should be a completely different experience.

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