Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dream Theater Show #2

Sold out show number 2. Tonight was much better than night number 1.

Set 1
The Root Of All Evil
Another Won
A Fortune In Lies
Take The Time
The Mirror
Raise The Knife
Strange Deja Vu
About To Crash(reprise)
Losing Time/Grand Finale


Set 2
As I Am
These Walls
I Walk Beside You
Sacrificed Sons

Sheep (Pink Floyd cover)
Wait For Sleep
Learning To Live

The show was so much better than last night in Anaheim. Even the performances of the same songs were much cleaner tonight. Terry was hoping for Strange Deja-Vu and Wait For Sleep / Learning To Live, he got them both. I was waiting for Lie, I got it. Plus we got to hear Raise the Knife, a b-side neither of us had seen performed live as well as Sheep by Pink Floyd. Total suprise.

Fortune In Lies, Take The Time, and Mirror -> Lie back to back was probably the best set of DT back to back songs I've seen them perform.

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