Monday, March 06, 2006

Celeb Sightings

Quite a few recent celeb sightings.

We saw Leslie Jordan, the really small grey haired gay man that plays crazy characters recently on both Will and Grace and Boston Legal. Jacki and I saw him at Louise's Trattoria on Melrose on Feb 16, 2006.

Jacki and I saw CC Deville from Poison at the Cheap Trick show at the House Of Blues on Sunset on Feb 21, 2006. Jacki, Darian, Janice and I then saw CC again at the Rainbow bar and grill on Sunset on March 1, 2006. He walked out of Rainbow talking on his cell phone just as we were walking in.

Also at the Rainbow we spotted Steve Harwell, singer of Smashmouth and
B-Real of Cypress Hill.

This past Saturday March 4th, Jacki, Darian and Janice saw Deacon from King Of Queens, I mean Victor Williams.

Then today as I was walking to the parking garage I'm pretty sure Apollo Ohno got out of the elevator as I was going in. Not sure what he was doing at my office building, but since there is a high end gym it wouldn't be impossible for him to have a reason to be there.

Gotta love LA.

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