Sunday, June 08, 2008

Seven Seraphim

Tonight was the best rehearsal to date for Seven Seraphim. This is the progressive / neo-classical / metal project I've been rehearsing with for a couple of months. The music is by far the most challenging I've ever played.

Our bass player wasn't able to make tonight's rehearsal but this gave time for Andrew (guitar), Sam (vocals) and myself (drums) to really work through some of the songs. I was able to nail the arrangements for a couple of the songs for the first time tonight with Andrew.

The goals for this band are to
1. Perform Live
2. Record a live album of the material Andrew previously released on the Seven Seraphim cd.

We haven't put a time line on when we will do the above but based on tonight's rehearsal I think we are less than two months away from performing in front of an audience.

I found out when we talking afterwards that Andrew almost toured with Neil Turbin, the original singer for Anthrax. How cool is that! He said he had to turn down the gig because of the touring commitment.

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