Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Steve Vai at the Wiltern

Last Tuesday I went to the Steve Vai show at the Wiltern. The first opening act was Orianthi, a female singer/guitarist from Australia. She was a good looking girl in her early 20s that could shred on guitar but I was put off by her not acknowledging her band and her repeated references to this is "my" song, and this is the last song "I'm" going to play. I suspect the band were hired guns for the tour but regardless it turned me off. She was still developing her own identity but the crows liked her and she looks to have a bright future in the US.

Second act was Zack Wiesinger. Very entertaining. He played his set solo during the set change, so while crew was on stage removing the first acts gear he was going from mic, to guitar, to amp that was available at that time and playing. Covers included The Munsters theme, James Bond theme, and Voodoo Chile (Slight Return). He also sat in on guitar during some of Steve's set.

Right as Steve's set was about to start I spotted John 5 in the balcony on the first row. Steve's set lasted right at 2 1/2 hours with virtually no breaks. With two violin players, and the arrival of a new bass player I wasn't sure what to expect. The start of the set was unfamiliar to me which was surprising considered I've followed his music very closely since the mid 80s. As he settled into the set things were familiar once again and he had good cross section of material including selections from two of my favorites Real Illusions: Reflections and Fire Garden Suite.

Highlights for me were Firewall, including a great reading of the intro lyric by Steve, The Crying Machine, Bryan was able to play some killer bass, the intro to Damn Good, and as always For The Love Of God.

Steve Vai
September 11, 2007
The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA

Now We Run

Building The Church
Tender Surrender

Band Introductions - with a James Brown Bit with Steve saying in a James Brown voice I gotta kiss myself.
The Crying Machine
Dave's Solo
I'm Becoming
Die To Live
Freak Show Excess w/ bass solo
The "Vai-oi-lins" Solo w/ excerpt from Crossroads

Acoustic Set
At start of set Steve mentions 9/11
Damn Good intro ->

All About Eve
Steve and Jeremy (drummer) banter with Jeremy showing off "The Beast"
Angel Food
Drum Solo
Audience Is Listening
The Murder
Whispering a Prayer
Taurus Bulba

For The Love of God

I received a meet and greet pass through a promotion on his website. So after the show I headed to the meet and greet line. The line was extremely long by the time I found where I needed to be so it took a little over an hour just to say hi to Steve. I also had his most recent cd signed and was able to get a picture with him.

While waiting I was able to talk to Bryan Beller his new bass player. Bryan remembered me from seeing and talking to him at many of the Keneally shows. He was telling me about now that he has both moved to Nashville and is on tour with Vai he is getting more gig offers in LA than he ever had previously. Feast or famine for the musicians. He seems to be having a great time and I also saw him catching up with many of his LA friends after we talked. He said he'll be back in LA for some gigs at the start of the year but will be booked on Vai's tour until then.

It was a long night but well worth it.

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