Friday, September 14, 2007

Jason Falkner at the Roxy

Thursday night I saw Jason Falkner here in LA. My good friend Dean Truitt continues to be in his band. He is actually getting ready to do a small tour of Japan as part of Jason's touring band next week.

I arrived at the show around 9:45. The first band was a female solo artist named Annie Stela. She was backed by bass and drums. She had both good songs and a good voice. The only critique is the band needed a guitar player. The songs sounded a little empty with keyboards as the primary instrument.

The second band up was Castledoor. They were entertaining and had a great full sound. The had some unique instrumentation including xylophone/bells. I liked their up tempo songs more so then the laid back ones.

Jason Falkner hit the stage right at 11:30 and played an hour and a half set. I stood in front of Dean for most of the set and was able to get some good pictures at the start of the show. I think I worried Dean's girlfriend because I was taking pictures of only Dean and not Jason. Probably thought I was some gay stalker of Dean's, haha!

Since I left my camera's memory card on my desk at home, I was limited to a small number of pictures.

Highlights for me included the songs The Neighbor, and They Put Her In The Movies, I Don't Mind, and Stephanie Tells Me. I can still vividly remembering hearing Dean play the little keyboard riff on guitar at the Viper Room the first time I saw Falkner perform They Put Her In The Movies. A great song.

A good portion of the set consisted of new material so after few songs into the set I walked over to the merch booth to get the new disc. I am not that familiar with Jason's older material other than the Bliss ep but I find I like the newer songs more so than his older material.

The show was great, definitely the best of the three times I've seen them. Jason's voice was spot on and the band was tight. This was also the first time I had been to the Roxy where the sound was crystal clear. Always a treat to be at a great sounding show!

Jason Falkner
September 13, 2007
The Roxy Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

This Time
The Neighbor
Stephanie Tells Me
The Put Her In The Movies
Komplicated Man
The Knew
I Don't Mind
All God's Creatures

This Life
Goodnight Sweet Night
Gimmi Gimmi
Miss Understanding

I met Dean's girlfriend during my picture taking and was able to talk to Dean for a bit after the show. While we talked Jason's mother came over and said hi to Dean. She mistakenly thought I was the guitar player so I had to point her towards Dean. While talking with her and Dean I found out that Jason's brother is the dancer in Beck's touring band. And to think we watched the Beck Saturday Night Live performance over and over because of the dancing.

I ended up talking with Dean and his friends until the club kicked us out. I got home a little after 2am.

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