Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rob Zombie

Darian and I just got back from the Rob Zombie concert at the Wiltern in LA. Lacuna Coil opened the show.

Rob's new lineup that included John 5 on guitar made for a great show. At one point John 5 was playing an EVH guitar circa 1984. Rob was high energy and had stage movements that was a cross between an aerobics instructor and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden. Yes its hard to visualize but if you see Rob, and you see Bruce you will know exactly what I mean.

This was the second of 2 sold out nights. Although the show was crowded they didn't over sell. I've been in GA shows that feel much more crowded than the show tonight.

The only real downer for the night was Rob kept getting frustruated with Wiltern's security. The security was extremely tight, no moshing, no crowd surfing, no shoving, no moving to the floor, or you get kicked out. Personally I appreciated the security but when the band was distracted by security the show lost a little of the momentum. After Rob got on the soap box and said he wasn't happy with the security situation. He finally told them to lay off and then the band went into Thunderkiss. Needless to say a mosh pit formed and surprisingly security layed off. Although the crowd looked entirely out of control it turned out that if you weren't in the path of the pit you were fine.

Good high energy show. However, a little too much ego with the 3 or 4 encores. Just play the songs.

After the show I saw Eric Singer from KISS walking towards the backstage area. I yelled over to him and he walked over close enough so we could shake hands. Yes! My first KISS sighting in LA.

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