Monday, August 15, 2005

Santa Monica

We are moving to Santa Monica. On Friday Jacki and Darian flew out, saw 6 places and decided the little house in Santa Monica would work. We now have an address and in approximately one week we will have a California address.

This will be a lifestyle adjustment, going from a 2800 sf house w/ basement to a 1300 sf house with a small garage. The weather is great, the landlord is nice, and I think this will be a good move for us.

Considering how some of the schools are doing in a our current area I'm excited that Darian will be on track at a good high school.

Our house is now on the market for $364,900 in Smyrna. The realtor caravan starts tomorrow.

Current plan is for movers to pack us on Friday, ship out on Monday and we fly out Monday night or Tuesday morning to Los Angeles.

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