Saturday, August 06, 2005

House For Sale

It looks like our house will be for sale this week in Smyrna. Jacki has done an incredible job getting things in order and interviewing the various realtors. She chose a realtor on Friday and we are hopeful it will be on the market early this week.

Tomorrow we begin the immense amount of paperwork with the relocation company. So far the inspections have been completed and after meeting with our friend Troy we found out all things required for repairs by the relocation company is extremely minor. All the fixes should be in place by Thursday.

This upcoming week our mission is to find a place to live. I'll be looking at some places Monday when I get back to LA but after talked with Jacki and Darian I think they are pretty set on living in Santa Monica. My goal will be to find several places in Santa Monica that could work so we can begin the plan for our final move.

Its hard to believe in less than a month we will be living in LA but we have no idea where.

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