Wednesday, August 24, 2005

LA Day 1

We got into LA yesterday around 10am. We thought it would be a nice relaxed day. A little lunch, go by the new place, and maybe start working on preparing on life in California.

The beginning part of the day went as planned. Made it to our house in Santa Monica. Our landlord, Michel, was there fixing up the last remaining items and then we were off to lunch. After lunch we went by Darian's new high school to start the enrollment process. That is when the stress started.

First we were off to the clinic to get Darian's shots updated, they were closed by the time we got there. Then off to the gas company to get a utility bill. I had forgetten about getting gas service turned on so we had to call a number. Set up the gas service. Then pay a nominal amount so we could have a reciept to prove our residency in Santa Monica.

Then off to the DMV. We forgot our birth certificates so back to the house then back to the DMV. Then the shocker. California has a written test. Unnecessary stress the first day in the city, but we had to have it prior to completing Darian's registration. Fortuntaely both Jacki and I passed and now have California drivers licenses.

The rest of the day was spent booking a hotel, grocery shopping and at the end of the night Darian and I went the Cheesecake Factory while Jacki remained at the hotel to get some rest.

Darian geeked out when we were waiting to get seated for dinner because she saw the drummer of AFI walking down the street.

Hopefully today will be less chaotic.

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