Thursday, August 18, 2005

Kings Of Leon

Just got back Kings Of Leon. They played a fantastic show.

Opening band 1: The Helio Sequence. Two guys, drums and guitar/harmonica playing to backing tracks. Not bad but not something I'd see myself listening to.

Opening band 2: Secret Machines. These guys played too long. Some of the songs had their moments and then they'd go into these almost dirge like slow spacy music. Not good. And they played well over an hour longer than they needed to. Their set must have been 2 hours and was much longer than KOL.

KOL: They rocked. Last time I saw them, and heard them for the first time, was at Bonnaroo 2004. On the way to the show Darian said she wanted to hear Molly's Chambers. She got it as the opening song in their set. They played a strong 75 minute set.

It was Jacki's birthday so I was glad she enjoyed their set.

Darian scored a setlist after the show.

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