Sunday, April 10, 2005

Studio Day 32 / 33

Tuesday we worked on the Kiss Me Goodbye bass part. Fairly non eventful and went pretty quickly. We wrapped up in a little under two hours.

Thursday it was time to move back to acoustic guitars. I had a confernce call for work that ended up lasting until about 9:40pm or so. As a result I didn't get to the studio until about 10pm. The band had been recording acoustic parts for Mr. Knowitall. They had tried several different iterations of setting up mics, first a 57, then a condensor, both had their pros and cons. Since the focus was on sound more than performance the acoustic performance wasn't up to the standard we had set. On listen back we also heard some things we wanted to change about the part. When Mike and Katie get back from their trip to Wyoming we will pick up where we left off.

The bad news of the night was on listen back the bass part to Mr. Knowitall ends up being too laid back. So we will probably have to retrack that part as well.

1 step forward and 2 steps back.

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