Sunday, April 03, 2005

Studio Day 30 / 31

This past week the band made it into the studio twice. The first in some time. Tuesday we tackled the last drum track for Kiss Me Goodbye...kind of. After running through a rough take we went back and listened to the drum track from the demo we did last August. We agreed that it would be impossible to get a better performance. At the time we playing a few shows a month, and I was at the peak of my playing. The performance on that recording I feel is one of the best I've had. So, I spend about an hour figuring out how to lift that performance from the original demo and putting it into the protools template for the EP we are now working on. Success. I'll need to re-eq and re-mix the drums but the performance is complete. Now all of my drum tracks are done. That is unless I go back and re-record All About You. I'm not 100% comfortable with that performance and think I should go back and re-record. It will probably take 2-3 hours on a weekend to knock out, maybe next weekend.

Thursday we shifted gears to work on the final bass tracks. Mike G worked on Mr. Knowitall. We ran through the song a few times, at times Mike was right on top of the beat, at times he was just behind it. We decided we liked the feel of him playing right behind the beat. We stitched together parts to reconstruct the verse and chorus and had Mike re-perform the final minute of the song. We've got a bass part we are all happy with. One more bass part to go.

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