Thursday, November 18, 2004

In the studio (Day 1)

The band finally got back together this past Wednesday. A fairly unstructured practice. We ran through a few tunes, played a couple of covers including Midnight Rider, and had a good time just playing again. After about a one hour practice we took a break and I decided to begin the prep work for recording.

I'd like to have the drum tracks recorded for our EP by Christmas, which means by the first of December we should have all arrangements, tempos, and scratch tracks with click within protools. I was able to get the drums mic'd and the vocals and guitars coming cleanly into ProTools. We will record our next rehearsal and pick apart the tunes we will be recording. The good news is we should be able to reuse the scratch and click tracks for Mr. Knowitall and Kiss Me Goodbye from the demo sessions from August.

We've accepted the fact that we will not have a completed recording by Christmas and also have accepted that a 10-11 song cd is a bit ambitious. We will probably settle on 5 songs. Once we complete recording in January it will probably take several weeks to mix. Possibly a finished product we can sell will be available in February.

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