Sunday, August 01, 2004

The week of concerts

A couple of days ago I saw one of my favorite bands W.A.S.P. Play at the Cotton Club in Atlanta. I decided to go last minute due to the bands notoriety of canceling shows and even tours.

I did a drive by of the venue and could tell the show wouldn't be packed so I parked and went in.
The opening band was over before I walked in which was fine by me. Checking out new metal bands live isn't at the top of the fun things to do list for me.

I noticed the PA was extremely bad, very muddy and no clarity in any of the tunes playing. I figured no big deal. The roadies kept playing with the mics and looked as though they were going through a soundcheck. Evidently the sound on the stage was not any better.

Blackie and band finally came and played a medley of tunes. You could barely hear the vocals but the band seemed into it. After the medley Blackie proceeds to tell everyone the club is ripping people off with the sound and that the band can't hear a thing on stage. The threat was if it wasn't fixed the band was leaving.

They proceeded to play through their largest hits back to back including Wild Child, Animal, The Real Me, I Wanna Be Somebody, Blind In Texas. Almost too good to be true, especially since these are the staples of their set. And then it was over. 7 tunes 35 minutes and 20 bucks later it was over.

Rather disappointing. Turns out after reading their website this tour has been pretty hit or miss. I felt better after reading the longest set of the tour was 12 songs and about 60 minutes. I guess I should only try to get 10 of my dollars back.

Now I'm sitting at hifi buys amphitheater waiting for Rush to go on stage. Rush and KISS are the shows this week. I'm sure they won't disappoint.

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