Sunday, August 01, 2004

Kiss Me over and over again

Yesterday Mike and Katie recorded guitars and vocals most of the day. I thought I was going to run by the studio and re-cut a drum track but that didn't happen. Jacki and Darian tagged along for my quick one hour drum re-tracking and ended up spending the better part of 8 hours at the studio as Katie and Mike recorded.

The good news is we are getting the hang of the ProTools gear and were able to start experimenting with microphone placement. We used a condensor mic from the drum set and were able to get a large full sound out of Katie's Ovation. We also started double mic'ing vocals and the amp for the electric guitar. One mic was close range and used the condensor about 3 feet back to capture the sound of the room. All in all we are getting some great sounds recorded.

We will be tracking background vocals next and should be done with the preproduction tracking for Kiss Me. We may add an electric bass track to complement the acoustic but that will be it for this tune.

The goal is to complete tracking for the preproduction tracks by mid August and perform mix and mastering of these demo tracks the following week. This will allow us to fully familiarize ourselves with ProTools, getting decent sounds, as well as arrangements for the songs. Once we have these three demos we will start the true recording of our cd.

Oh, and when this all said and done I will likely get an engineering credit and possible production credit on the cd :-)

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