Saturday, July 24, 2004

The Toadhouse

Last night we played at Jake's Toadhouse and had a great time. Sana Band opened the set and played two 40 minute sets before we went on. Pretty interesting and obscure blues covers. They were having their cd release party which for them was unfortunately a bust. I don't think they had one person come through the door to see their set. The last song of their set was a James Brown cover with a guest performance by one of their friends who did an amazing James Brown. His performance alone was worth the price of admission. An older black man likely in his late 50s. He danced, did splits, and a had the presence of James Brown at his peak 30+ years ago.

We ended up going on shortly after midnight and played about 2 hours. When it was all said and done we left the stage after 2am. A late night indeed. For those that came out we unleashed 3 new original tunes. Mr Knowitall, I Guess, and Don't Start. I think Don't Start is a working title but we may end up keeping it. Katie wrote the new tunes and they are some of her strongest material yet.

Stu, a friend of Mike V, and now a friend of the band came up for 4 songs and played harmonica. A couple of covers including Blues Traveler's Runaround and When The Levee Breaks by the mighty Zep.

All in all a good night. We sold a couple of shirts, made some new friends, and I was even able to lure a couple of my co-workers out for a late night.

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