Sunday, November 21, 2010

A world away

I've been in the Philippines less than 48 hours and saw the Gin Blossoms within hours of landing. The surreal moment of the night was watching them sing about the 405 in a room with thousands of Philipinos. The country loves American music and you'd think you were watching the Beatles on stage given how excited the crowd was.

After getting, or attempting to get a full nights sleep and waking up around 4:30am local time we made it to the Shangri La beach resort and I was able to take in my first day of snorkeling. It was like I was swimming in the world of Nemo, seeing sea anemone, clown fish, barracuda fish, fluorescent fish, emperor fish, fish the size of your finger, to fish as big as your arm. I had no idea you'd be able to see clearly through the ocean. At one point I was being circled by what seemed hundreds of fish and then they all swam off.

Under water the fish would get inches from your hands and face and would just check you out. It's as if I was swimming in a giant fish tank, which if you think about it, that is pretty much what the Ocean is. I've never had the desire to scuba dive but after getting a taste of what you can see scuba suddenly sounds interesting. A few times I'd see fish swimming among the sea life on the floor of the ocean and I'd swim down from the surface about 10-15 feet and just hang out with them. So peaceful and remarkable that the fish had no problems swimming with people.

Today I'm dealing with a little bit of a sunburn, wondering why I keep waking up at 5am and can't believe I have nearly two more weeks here.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME adventure! So glad you are enjoying it. Getting ready to spend Thanksgiving in Port Aransas with Marv's brother and his wife. We always have a GREAT time. Pat can sing and do melody to every song ever and I always know the words. GREAT FUN! Anyway, take care! I love you. Mama xoxoxox

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