Monday, May 03, 2010

On Gene Simmons Family Jewels

This past February I went to a CD release party for Bruce Kulick, the former guitarist from KISS. At the performance Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons, got on stage and sang one song (twice actually). Gene Simmons' Family Jewels production was there to document the occasion and yours truly was front and center for the performance.

I just found out that A&E aired the episode last night. I found the episode online and watched the episode and there is a shot of me in full KISS Army glory :-)

Here is a picture I took of Bruce and Nick from the show , and below is a picture they took of me!

The show ended up being a great surprise and one of those things that you only get living out here in Hollywood. They played a couple of songs off of Bruce's new CD, and also played one KISS song from each album where Bruce played guitar.

Bruce Kulick
The Cat Club
February 1, 2010

Come Hell Or High Water (KISS)
Hide Your Heart (KISS)
Tears Are Falling (KISS)
Heart Of Chrome (KISS)
Hand Of The King (w/ Nick Simmons)
Hand Of The King (again w/ Nick Simmons. They played twice so they had enough video footage for the TV show)
No Friend Of Mine
I Walk Alone (KISS)
God Gave Rock And Roll To You II (KISS)

You can watch the full episode here.

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AWESOME post! My child is a star!
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