Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everybody!

Just a warning up front. This isn't one of my typical posts and is probably more for me than you, but I wanted to put this out there. You've been warned.

For those that don't know this has been one of the most challenging years of my life. I lost one of my best friends to suicide, I lost my mother in law, and over the course of the year Jacki and I filed for divorce. At the same time I had one of my most accomplished years. I had a great year at work, was recognized by my company and sent to London to have dinner with Sir Richard Branson, I was able to record drums for a new CD (coming in 2010, hopefully), I played a sold out show on the legendary Sunset Strip at one of my favorite venues, and I was able to see my daughter graduate from high school and begin her journey towards becoming an adult.

As you've noticed I haven't written much this past 6 months. It's been a time of reflection, a time of solitude, and now a time to look forward. In a strange way I feel like I'm in the process of discovering or redicsovering who I am. And I must say I've been a bit surprised to find that I actually like myself quite a bit.

I've made lots of new friends in LA recently. I had one of my best birthdays ever earlier this month, I was able to follow my favorite band KISS on the road for nearly 2 weeks, and I find myself enjoying and getting more out of life than I have in years. I've also had more lasting memories in the past few weeks than I've had in years. And one of the most important things to me is I've been able to see so many of my best friends in the last month. Who knew I'd get to go to Colorado, Kansas, and Texas, and even reconnect with my friends out here in LA that I don't see enough. And all in a period of a few weeks. You all know who you are :-)

Today is bittersweet. It was supposed to be a day of celebration, a day when Jacki and I would look back on a milestone of 10 years together. Instead this first decade of the 2000's symbolically bookends our marriage starting with Dec 31, 1999 and virtually ending on Dec 31, 2009, and now the next phase of my journey begins.

I will look back on 2009 as a year of finality, too many endings, and too much death. Instead of an ending I see it as a close to a chapter. I definitely feel as I'm in transition and I hope 2010 will be the year that brings an end to the transition and a start of many new beginnings.

I'm now headed off with friends to ring in the new year. Good bye 2009, and I hope that 2010 brings everything you are looking for. I know it will be one of my best years ever!


Anonymous said...

...I love you...keep taking the high always pays off...Happy 2010! Love, Mom xxxooo

Anonymous said...

As time goes by, you will realize the only constant in life is change, you should not fear change, but embrace it. I'm glad to see that you understand this, many people live their entire life and never understand what life is about. Happy New Year Love, Dad

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