Sunday, April 19, 2009

17 Again

Last night we went to see 17 Again the movie where Darian was an extra. She filmed her parts during the winter break nearly a year and half ago, and the move opened this weekend.

Shortly into the movie after Zac Efron's character turned 17 Again, we were able to see Darian, blue hair and all, run into Zac and she made a great disgusted face as he nearly ran into her. Total screen time was only about 2 seconds but it was great to see her up on the big screen.

A significant portion of the movie was filmed at Darian's highschool, however all of the Santa Monica highschool references were removed and replaced with Hayden High.

If you are looking for a light comedy geared around a 37 year old turning 17 again then go and see 17 Again, starring Darian :-)


nomad said...

if Zac Efron plays his cards right, he will be one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood

Anonymous said...

Yeah for "D." Why didn't I know about this? Truly exciting...little bit of movie trivia...I got my social security card when I tried out as an extra in a movie in '65 filmed in the Dome! Tell Darian "congrats!"

Mama xxxooo

Martha Anne Pierson said...

...the name of the oldie but goodie was "Brewster McLeod."

Mama xxxooo

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