Thursday, February 12, 2009

Styx at HOB

After getting back to LA late on Tuesday night, canceled flights, rerouting, bad weather, etc... it was back to the normal routine.

I got through the first day back in the office and I took an immediate diversion to see Styx at the House Of Blues with Brian, a friend from work. We spent a little too much time at his place before hand and missed the first few songs of Styx's set but were able to see nearly an hour and a half of their 2 hour set.

Styx has the distinction of being my first concert when I was 10 years old. Through the years I haven't followed Styx closely but I have managed to see them a few times, the last time being in Atlanta with Jacki and my other band mates from The Superlatives.

All I can really say about last night's show is Tommy Shaw is the man. I could not believe how strong his voice sounded after all of these years. He was signing songs that were recorded some 30+ years ago and he sounds better on them now than on the original recordings.

Fooling Yourself, Renegade and Come Sail Away were the definite highlights, with a cover of The Beatles I Am The Walrus being a pleasant surprise.

And after the show I was even able to get a Styx guitar pick.

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