Friday, January 02, 2009

Vegas Day 2

Today has been good so far. We ordered room service this morning and
had one of our best breakfasts ever.

D and Jack napped this morning and they joined me at a Sopranos slot
machine. I put in 20 bucks and went away with 144 bucks. That win
covered my losses for last night and then some.

We then went to the Bodies The Exhibition exhibit which is something
Jacki really wanted to do. I don't do well with body parts but held
up until the circulatory/digestive system part of the exhibit. At that
point I felt sick and had both sweats and felt cold. A few minutes of
sitting down allowed me to get well again. We finished off the
exhibit with fetuses and embryos.

At the end we got a cool hologram image with skeletons. I will post
it once we get back.

Once back to the hotel we got a lite meal and then Jacki played some
slots. I finished off at roulette and after 2 days we are ahead.

Tonight we have dinner on top of the hotel in the foundation room.

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