Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm so proud of D

Tonight Darian, Jacki and I had a phone screen with Brooks Institute. She is looking at Photography as her major and a career and The Brooks Institute made her short list.

The interview lasted about 90 minutes and we covered everything from an overview of the school, to questions about how we think Darian will do in a college environment, to financial aid and the application process.

Darian did great. She answered every question with passion and enthusiasm. At the end of the call the interviewer congratulated Darian and wants to invite her to proceed with the application process. She filled out the start of the application and we paid the application fee. The next step is a one on one follow up interview for Darian.

On Feb 21 we will go to Santa Barbara to go to an open house of the school and check out the different campuses.

You can check out Darian's amazing photos at

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Anonymous said...

The pictures look great, Darian really has a good eye, especially the candid shots

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