Friday, May 02, 2008

Good Hurt

We just rocked a midnight show at Club Good Hurt and arrived home a little after 2am. We pulled another 15 of our own people into a midnight Thursday show which surprised me. Nate is working the Myspace promotions hard and was able to bring in a group of people off of adding them as friends as Myspace. Jacki continues to be our number 1 fan, sporting an Outlaw Engine T-shirt and I was able to bring in a couple of people from work. Although one of the guys I didn't really know.

We had a much larger crowd than last week, probably 30-40 people were in the small club and most stayed until the very end of our set. Afterwards I had several people come up and introduce themselves and said we were the best band of the night and wanted to know more about our band. So this was the first night where I saw we officially made some Outlaw converts! And as Wil and Presi have said Horsemen is our bread and butter. Every person I talked to after the show said they loved Horsemen. I guess that means we will have to keep it in our set.

We met the booking agent for the club and he said he liked what he heard and some of the staff gave the nod of approval so he is going to continue working with us to get us in front of more people. That is always a good thing. We as a band also received our first drink tickets! Our first form of payment. Ha!

To cap off the night on the way home CCR's Travelin' Band came on the radio. An apropos ending to our drive considering that is the song we closed our set with tonight.

Thanks to all who came out. Our next show is on May 16th at Paladino's. See you there!

Outlaw Engine
May 1, 2008
Club Good Hurt
West Los Angeles, CA

Born In East LA
This Woman (Fool Of Law)
Big River (Johnny Cash)
Sweat Out The Sin
The Palace Of Pleasures ->
I Know Why
The Four Horsemen (Metallica)
Travelin' Band (CCR)

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