Saturday, April 05, 2008

Spidersuit Recording Day 2

We resumed recording bright and early at 10:30am today at our rehearsal studio. After listening back to the tracks I decided the ever increasing tempo on Love Sick was something I couldn't live with. We ended up doing 3 additional takes and finally got something I could live with. I've been sick most of the week so I was worried that I wouldn't have the energy to play. I ended up being fine energy wise although I had to concentrate on playing more than on the first day of recordings. As a result my playing was a little stiff and it took me the three takes to get loosened up.

After that we went to recording a couple of more new drum tracks. The first was Far Stick and the second was Devil Went Down To Pedro. We did two to three takes of each and I'm fairly pleased with my performances. On Devil I changed to smaller cymbals on the second take in order to give a lighter sound, but the band seemed to prefer the vibe of the first take better. I think I prefered my performance on the second take better but I'll have to listen back once I get copies of the recordings.

We also did a take of a song I wasn't as familiar with called Isaac Newton A Go Go. At this point the band next door started rehearsing so we had to stop recording. The first take wasn't a keeper so we will have to revisit this one in a future recording session.

I have a gig this upcoming week with another band so I had to break down my drums after the recording. This leaves six drum tracks recorded and ready for the rest of the band. Our goal was to track 4 songs so having 6 songs recorded will give us some options of if we put out a 4 song vinyl single or even a 6 song cd ep.

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