Friday, April 25, 2008

Putting on the Hurt

Wednesday night Outlaw Engine played Club Good Hurt on the edge of Venice. We went on at 11pm and played a tight set in front of friends. The venue had a great vibe, decent sound system, and Bianca, the promised nurse bartender.

We arrived early enough to catch the band before us but I don't remember their name. We enjoyed drinks, and I discovered Vodka and club soda is a pretty tasty drink. The set was short and sweet, as it will be for the next few shows. We played the same set but now Nate, our singer, has started to rename some of the working titles based on his lyrics.

Outlaw Engine
April 18, 2008
Club Good Hurt
West Los Angeles, CA

Born In East LA
This Woman (Fool Of Law)
Big River (Johnny Cash)
Sweat Out The Sin
The Palace Of Pleasures ->
I Know Why
The Four Horsemen (Metallica)
Travelin' Band (CCR)

Born In East LA is quickly becoming one of my favorites and its been running through my head ever since the show Wednesday night. With that I'll leave you with a couple of videos from the show.

Thanks to Marc and Eric for coming out late on a Wednesday night and to Jacki for taking the video and staying out past her bedtime.

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