Monday, March 24, 2008

Spider Drums Day 1

Yesterday we were able to begin tracking of drums. It took awhile to get the gear set up, the mics in place and the recording gear working but after about 3 hours of prep, and a quick break for lunch it was time to record.

This time around the band and the producer did not want to use a click track so I felt as though this was a little too live without a net. We tracked "So Dirty", "Love Sick", "98.666", and "New Year's Dissolution". The band performed the songs live, with the guitar and bass going direct into the board for a headphone mix, Ellen singing a scratch vocal and at this point the only performance that mattered were my drums.

So Dirty and Love Sick are my favorites from this batch. After listening back to the drums the lack of click didn't cause too much of an issue. Although once I listened to rough mixes at home I noticed that the band as a whole pushed Love Sick more than we should. On the guitar only intro I noticed Pete's guitar might be one of the primary culprits.

We did tracking for a little over an hour. If I recall correctly we did three takes of So Dirty, two takes of Love Sick, two takes of 98.666 and 1 take of New Year's Dissolution. After NYD Nick, our producer, asked if we ready to track a second time and I said I think that was the best we had ever played that one so that was a keeper. I think this was my first, first take performance.

We go back into the studio in 2 weeks and I'll probably ask the band to re-track Love Sick and will probably record another 4-5 drum tracks. Once complete the rest of the band will begin recording their parts. We were able to leave the gear set up, since we are recording in our rehearsal studio, so next time we won't spend hours doing set up.

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