Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vayden at the Slash Book Signing

Before the show I met JP from Vains Of Jenna. He was handing out flyers for their show at the Knitting Factory on November 17. We talked about the recent tours including the tour where they opened for Poison and Ratt. I mentioned I had already planned to see the Knitting Factory show with some family and friends and would see them then.

About 9pm I finally was able to meet up with Bruce, the drummer for Vayden. He was getting me a ticket since the Slash book signing event cost so much. After a quick introduction I made my way into the show.

The first band up was called Aces and Eights. The drummer was the worst drummer I've seen in LA. And then to top it off Slash got up on stage with the band for several songs including a mediocre run through of the Sex Pistols Problems, and our horrible version of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Pride and Joy. Even Slash couldn't make up for how bad this band was.

Next up was Vayden. I saw them a little over a year ago at the Keyclub and have been looking forward to seeing them out in LA ever since. They sounded even better than I remembered. The new bass player and guitarist were great additions. Highlights of their set included Karma with an amazing bass rumble triggered by the drummer and Anthem, my favorite song off the ir cd.

Unfortunately since the first band ran long Vayden's set was cut short by 3 songs.

November 7, 2007
Whisky A Go Go
W. Hollywood California

Just The Tip
Karma Is A Professional Wrestler
Anthem Of The Used
Hanzel and Gretel? or Sweet...?
Come Together (Beatles)

Songs not played but were on the setlist
Hanzel and Gretel? or Sweet...? - I'm not sure which one they played
Save The World

The last band I stayed for was 72. The guitarist and drummer made the band. They reminded me of Sum 41.

After the Vayden set I talked to their singer Curtis. He came over to me and thanked me for coming out. I mentioned that I first saw them a little over a year ago at the Keyclub.

I can't say enough good things about this band. Curtis is a front man on the rise and once Bruce is known he will easily be in all of the drum magazines. As Curtis says on his Myspace page"
My name is Curtis Casey lead singer of your next all time favorite band, Vayden." No exaggeration.

Another good night out for live music. Go see Vayden if you ever see them in your town. If you like your music a little heavy with great musicianship you won't be disappointed.

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