Saturday, September 01, 2007

The top of Colorado

Yesterday we ventured out in Colorado. We took a drive up to the top of Pike's Peak yesterday. The summit is 14,110 feet. It was a stunning view from the top although at the high altitude I felt both light headed and sluggish. At one point I nearly feel trying to get into the car. Darian had no problems and Jacki felt a little like me just not as severe.

I also learned I don't know how to drive a giant SUV down a mountain. We rented a Trailblazer for the trip. At the break check about 1/3rd of the way back down the mountain they had us pull our car over because the brake oil was over 450 degrees. They said they stop cars over 300 degrees. We hung out for about 20-30 minutes and then proceeded to drive in first gear the majority of the trip down to the bottom.

After Pike's Peak we went to the Garden Of The Gods. This was the coolest looking exposed Red Rock I have ever seen. The write ups in the tour guides don't do it justice. We saw a picture on a postcard at the top of Pike's Peak and decided we needed to check it out. The shapes of the rock were very unique and it was remarkable that all of this occurred naturally. This is highly recommended if you ever make it to the Denver or Colorado Springs area. Many of the grounds around the red rock was landscaped with both hiking trails and sidewalk trails that also had the same color as the red rock.

We walked around for about an hour and checked out some of the different areas of the park. After a quick trip through the vistor's center we headed back to Denver.

We met up wtih my Mom and Marvin for dinner at Old Chicago and afterwards I was able to meet up with Brett and catch up. It was good to have some one on one time to catch up before all of the wedding activities. Today we have the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and tomorrow is the big day.

Now we are off to get ready.

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