Saturday, September 08, 2007

Kings Of Leon at the Greek

The entire family ventured out Friday evening to the Greek Theatre to see Kings Of Leon. I left work a little early to pick up D. After sitting in traffic for over an hour we met Jacki for a quick dinner at Chipotle and then headed to the show.

Kings Of Leon
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
September 7, 2007

started at 9:17pm
intro music
Black Thumbnail
Taper Jean Girl (?)
King Of The Rodeo
My Party
True Love Way
Molly's Chambers
The Bucket
On Call
California Waiting
Spiral Staircase

Knocked Up
Four Kicks
Slow Night, So Long
Ends 10:37pm

I mistyped Taper Jean Girl on my Helio so I'm not positive I have it in the correct place in the set list. It either came before Charmer or after Charmer. I think I have it in the right place based on previous KOL set lists.

Opening acts were Manchester Orchestra and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Manchester was from Atlanta and we only caught their last song. BRMC played a solid set but probably didn't make any new fans. The lighting made it next to impossible to see the band and their energy level on stage didn't extend to the crowd.

KOL has now reached the big time in the US. I remember seeing them play a small tent at Bonnaroo back in 2004 and now they are packing the Greek in LA that holds 6000+. The band still has a bad habit of playing with their backs to the crowd but Caleb has become a much better front man and no longer looks intimidated by the audience.

They had a minimal headlining stage that featured the light bulb from their new album cover. They had 4 giant light bulb tapestries that were evenly spaced on stage behind the band and amps. They even brought a set of 4 disco balls out on tour that lowered a couple of times during the show. Oddly they didn't put a spotlight on the disco balls so it didn't become part of the light show. The stage backdrop featured a giant Kings Of Leon logo in the same style as that on the Aha Shake Heartbreak album.

Although their energy level wasn't as high as when I had seen them previously, they did perform a strong show that had the audience rocking along for the entirety of their short 80 minute set.

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