Tuesday, July 03, 2007

First Rehearsal

This past Sunday Darian and I rehearsed with a girl named York up in the Northridge area. Jacki and I met York at a Mike Keneally show at the Baked Potato a couple of months back. After numerous exchanges via email, phone and Myspace we finally were able to get our schedules to sync.

Since this was the first time for us to get together this was both a psuedo audition as well as a meet and greet to see if everyone worked well together.

Once the drums were set up we ran through one of York's songs called Relinquish. You can hear a demo recording on her Myspace page.

Click the song Relinquish to listen.

After working through that song York walked through another couple of her songs. By this point we had somehow convinced Darian to pick up a guitar. Within minutes she had learned the chords for York's next song and Darian was suddenly the primary guitar player for the session. Very cool to see.

One of York's friends, Katt Lowe, also came by. She played guitar, provided feedback to the bass player, Tony, and even ran us through several of her own songs. This was the first time I had actually worked with someone who was semi-professional. She is good friends with the original singer from the Runaways, Cherie Currie. An all female band that featured Joan Jett and Lita Ford when they were in their teens.

The remarkable thing is how Darian is getting involved so young. She is at the right age and is already light years beyond what any of my friends or I could have done at age 15.

The plan is to get back together this weekend. Let's hope that second impressions are as promising.

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