Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gene and Shannon

Thanks to my wonderful wife I got to meet Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed tonight. I had known about the signing at Tower for about a week but didn't want to get my hopes up about going. After a long day at work I decided, oh well maybe next time.

As soon as I got home Jacki said let's go. I said, long lines, we hadn't planned it, probably had to get a wristband earlier in the day in order to get in line and was ready to blow it off. She called Tower, confirmed they were still there and that there wasn't anything special we had to do get in. So at 7:30pm we left for the 7:00pm meet and greet.

It took us about 30 minutes to get there and they were still there!

I went in and bought three of the books they were signing so Jacki, Darian, and I each had something we could get signed. Jacki took this great picture of us.

2 hours later we are back at home. Definitely worth the outing and thanks to Jacki for making this happen.

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Anonymous said...

man, you DO have a wonderful wife!

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